Drone Technology Provides a Seed of Hope For Australia Amid Bushfire Crisis

Drone Technology Provides a Seed of Hope For Australia Amid Bushfire Crisis


New Australian firm AirSeed Technologies delivers an progressive reforestation answer

• Specialized drone know-how set to speed up reforestation globally with capabilities of planting 40,000 timber a day

• Innovative environmental restoration backed by world expertise and confirmed success

• Currently consulting with Australian authorities and trade our bodies with a view to start native trials in April 2020, offering a fast rehabilitation response after bushfire devastation

• Seeking funding through fairness crowdfunding platform OnMarket, dwell till fifth March 2020

New Australian start-up AirSeed Technologies is tackling the problem of reforestation and local weather change head on. The first-of- its-kind in Australia, the environmental restoration firm has created specialised tree-planting drones outfitted with state-of-the-art know-how, and synthetic and information pushed intelligence that may quickly re-seed massive floor areas and speed up the reforestation course of.

Australia is at present experiencing its worst bushfire season on file. Since September 2019, greater than 25 million acres1 have been destroyed (with 5 million hectares in New South Wales alone) and as much as 1 billion animals have perished, together with 50% of the koala inhabitants in New South Wales2. Eco-systems and wildlife communities have been worn out, some species near extinction, and air high quality plummeted with greater than 350 million metric tons of CO2 launched into the ambiance – equal to almost one yr of Australia’s whole annual emission3. AirSeed Technologies is gearing as much as focus their efforts regionally with views of large-scale reforestation trials to start out within the coming months inside the New South Wales bushfire effected areas.

Co-founded by Mechanical Engineer Andrew Walker and Geo Spatial Data Expert Andries Louw, AirSeed Technologies was born from a private and deep drive for constructive environmental impression.

“There is no denying the urgent need in Australia to rehabilitate the environment and reforest areas severely impacted by the bushfires. There has been a devastating loss of biodiversity and we are witnessing first-hand the effects of climate change and global warming. It is imperative we act now and AirSeed Technologies is part of the many solutions, offering new technology and innovation,” says Andrew.

AirSeed Technologies can also be in talks with authorities and industrial forestry organisations, together with Pentarch Forestry in Eden, and collaborating with University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to fast-track seedling growth and analysis.

With a mission to plant 100 million timber per yr by 2023 globally, AirSeed Technologies has developed an progressive system that may quickly restore misplaced habitats through specialised tree-planting drones which have the power to plant two seeds each second – roughly 40,000 timber a day4 – whereas concurrently lowering the price of planting timber by 75-80percent5. Using a novel payload system known as a ‘Podder’, AirSeed Technologies can disperse seed pods 95% quicker in comparison with conventional planting strategies and has the power to entry harsh or troublesome terrain6.

The know-how lies in a novel Seed Pod that nourishes and protects seeds throughout their early phases of progress. The pods comprise over a gram of carbon that’s harvested from dying vegetation, capturing that carbon and placing it again into the bottom earlier than it’s launched again onto our ambiance. AirSeed Technologies also can GPS tag each tree planted which put up plant monitoring and identification utilizing synthetic intelligence, thus quantifying the success of every undertaking must be executed.

Andrew continues, “AirSeed Technologies provides innovative technology that is required for a holistic, long-term approach to regenerate our land and promote habitat recovery. It is important to have manual, mechanical and aerial planting methods working together to restore what Australia has lost, and it needs to start immediately. If we delay, there is an increased risk of further environmental complications like waterway pollution through top soil rain erosion and ecological landscape change through specie eradication, that will ultimately impact native habitats for our wildlife.”

AirSeed Technologies has additionally partnered with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to find out how their drone know-how can help with mangrove restoration. The ecological disaster triggered from bushfires mirrors what the coral reef group has skilled by current mass coral bleaching attributable to local weather change. UTS researchers are supporting AirSeed Technologies in figuring out the proper science wanted to plant the best mangrove seeds and what vitamins they should develop and turn into efficient seedpods.

UTS Associate Professor and Coral Specialist David Suggett says, “High output and highly scalable approaches are needed for rapid and widespread reforestation of lost habitat and it’s critical that new technologies to improve current methods are supported by industry and government. Like the bushfires, Australia needs to act now on reef restoration. Coastal and catchment reforestation is critical to aid recovery of coral reefs, along with a more holistic ‘rainforest to reef’ management approach to mitigate multiple stressors. AirSeed Technologies is helping us to develop and facilitate an optimized and sustainable approach for mangrove restoration.”

Andrew concludes, “Sadly, all around the world we are seeing mass scale deforestation, the effects of climate change and the consequences of global warming. AirSeed Technologies provide a scalable, global solution to accelerate reforestation and a positive impact for the environment.” AirSeed Technologies fairness crowdfunding provide is at present dwell through the OnMarket platform until 5th March 2020.

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