Elevation: Long Range FPV up a mountain Into the clouds

Elevation: Long Range FPV up a mountain Into the clouds

This is from an epic lengthy vary cinematic mountain browsing journey final weekend. I took the 7 inch up a 2km excessive mountain, flying from a spot about 1km away. I used to be simply kissing the clouds across the peak. It was a blast, however a bit scary as a result of I misplaced video a couple of occasions. This video is all from a single pack – If there may be any curiosity, I’ll put up the DVR from the flight too, let me know within the feedback!

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**FPV drone gear**

5 Inch:
Armattan Rooster body https://bit.ly/2l3MmwJ
Spedix 30A ESCs https://bit.ly/2sSt7dQ
Rotor Riot Hypetrain 2306 2450kv motors https://bit.ly/2t4exz5
Racekraft 5051 V2 props https://bit.ly/2tEIc2J
TBS Unify Pro HV vTx https://bit.ly/2l2qvFY
Betaflight F4 Flight controller https://bit.ly/2JBqvvh
TBS Crossfire nano receiver https://bit.ly/2XWh5xk
Pagoda antenna https://bit.ly/2JzTsYw
Adrenaline 4s 100c 1300mAh batteries https://bit.ly/2l5D5Ej
Filmed with a Gopro Session 5
Camera Butter ND filter http://www.camerabutter.com

Long Range:
Armattan Rooster, customized made 7″ arms https://bit.ly/2NYpNuA
TBS Unify Pro vTx https://bit.ly/2SjA6Io
Whitenoise Synergy flight controller https://bit.ly/32s9x8s
TBS Crossfire nano receiver https://bit.ly/2XTwj5u
T-Motor F40 III 1600kv motors https://bit.ly/2XRRLgt
Dalprop 7056 props https://bit.ly/2NTI9wL
Aikon AK32 35A esc https://bit.ly/2Oe19qj
True RC Singularity antenna https://bit.ly/2Y9UDV3
Self-built 4200mAh Li-Ion 6s 45A battery, Tattu R-Line 1800mAh 6s Lipo
Filmed with a GoPro Hero 7
Camera Butter ND filter http://www.camerabutter.com

Cinewhoop / tiny whoop HD:
Shedrones Squirt body https://bit.ly/2SycuOw
Brother Hobby T1 Tornado 3600kv motors https://bit.ly/2EmQgdg
Hq 4×4.5x3B props reduce down to three inch https://bit.ly/2SuXa5d
TBS Unify Nano 32 vTx https://bit.ly/2BVPB2e
Hobbbywing X-Rotor combo FC and 45A 4-in-1 ESC https://bit.ly/2EAS7wB
TBS Crossfire nano receiver https://bit.ly/2XWh5xk
Runcam Mini digicam https://bit.ly/2EALHgO
Luminier axii antenna https://bit.ly/2SrLFeY

On the Ground:
Taranis with M9 gimbals https://bit.ly/2LIXJWc
Fatshark HD V2 https://bit.ly/2JzTwHK
Rapidfire Diversity receiver https://bit.ly/2T2QLDr
X2-air 5.8 twin crosshair directional https://bit.ly/2y5gqBA
Pagoda antenna https://bit.ly/2JzTsYw
TBS Crossfire Micro https://bit.ly/2PEsLBR
Thinktank FPV Session drone backpack and Taranis case https://bit.ly/2sSBxSJ

Dark Knight by Serge Narcissoff | https://soundcloud.com/sergenarcissoff
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