Former Gov.  Jerry Brown praises Biden for ‘brave’ Afghanistan pullout as nation falls to the Taliban

Former Gov. Jerry Brown praises Biden for ‘brave’ Afghanistan pullout as nation falls to the Taliban


Former California Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday known as President Joe Biden “brave” for pulling out US troops from Afghanistan regardless of the Taliban resurgence and the chaos that has gripped the nation.

During a CNN interview, host Jim Acosta requested Brown concerning the deteriorating scenario in Afghanistan after the evacuation of the US Embassy and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fleeing the nation.

“Because you have been in politics for many years, you keep in mind Vietnam, you keep in mind the way it ended there. What are your ideas proper now about what we’re seeing in Afghanistan?” Acosta requested. “What could be your recommendation to President Biden proper now?”

“Well, Biden was very courageous,” Brown responded. “Look, very quickly after we went over there, it was over. We took out the Al-Qaeda. We chased after Bin Laden. We stayed there too lengthy. Bush ought to have gotten us out. Obama ought to have gotten us out, Trump . But they had been all afraid of precisely what’s occurring. They did not have the center that Joe Biden had.”


Brown did concede that Biden was seemingly unaware of the total extent of points surrounding Afghanistan. On that entrance, he blamed the military for allegedly deceptive the president as Brown claimed they’ve with different overseas insurance policies.

“After all, John Kennedy was fooled by the CIA and his military when he misplaced the Bay of Pigs. That was an utter catastrophe. Vietnam, yeah, they had been climbing off the roof as a result of evidently the CIA and the military did not inform them ,” stated Brown.

Brown maintained that previous presidents had been principally too “afraid” of the present risk to withdraw US troops and remarked how “not less than Biden has taken the step” to maneuver ahead.

“We’ve been there for 3 presidents. Why did not they do something? Because they’re afraid. They’re afraid precisely what occurred. How do you get out of a quagmire? It’s not fairly, however not less than Biden has taken the step, and the following step is to assume by way of how can we get in these messes?” Brown stated.


The Biden administration faces bipartisan blowback for the deteriorating scenario in Afghanistan, with many critics asking how the US intelligence and army underestimated the energy and pace at which the Taliban took again elements of the nation.

Last week, Biden stated he doesn’t remorse his timeframe for withdrawal from Afghanistan, arguing Americans have already stated an excessive amount of harm and loss of life within the nation and Afghans have “received to battle for themselves.”


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