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Propwashed is a website that offers useful guides, reviews, and articles for the hobby FPV drone community. On the site, you can learn about FPV flying, FPV racing, drone DIY and repair, battery tests, and many other subjects.


Oscar Liang is a popular website known for FPV drone content and updates. Oscar Liang provides extensive reviews and informative articles about FPV flying, drone repair, technology news, vehicles and equipment.


DroneDJ is a website that focuses on a broad range of drones, including air, sea, and land-based models, and offers the latest news and reviews. DroneDJ provides rich content in many FPV areas, such as drone flight, journalism, photography, industrial applications, and more.


Rotor Riot is a website that contains a YouTube channel and a famous e-commerce shop for FPV drone products. Rotor Riot offers informative videos and blogs on many FPV topics, such as FPV racing, stock drone reviews, and FPV designer views.


FPV Know-it-all is a website that offers helpful FPV drone information. FPV Know-it-all researches the newest technologies, creates guides, helps solve technical challenges, and shares FPV hobby-related information in general.


FPVFaster.com offers broad coverage of the FPV drone hobby world. You can learn about how drones are made, tips about FPV flying, BTX, RX, and CAA regulations, and much more.


GetFPV is both an e-commerce store and a guide source that offers everything for FPV drones. The store provides a selection of stock and custom drone components, cameras, drivers, antennas, and more.


FPV Hub is a UK-based FPV drone hobby site. The site provides a forum for drivers, technologies, and online collaboration, mutual aid, and interaction. https://www.droneuplift.com/ DroneUplift is a source to learn about the latest developments in the FPV drone hobby world. The site offers informative articles and videos about design, equipment, modifications, guides, and more. https://www.rcgroups.com/fpv-racing-491/ RCGroups is the main web site of the R/C flight community. The FPV Racing sub-section covers everything about FPV racing. Articles and forums about racing, design, technical challenges, and tournaments are available on this website.

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