Lightweight Cinematic FPV Drone

Lightweight Cinematic FPV Drone

If you’ll be able to have a GoPro Hero8 quad weigh the identical or much less as a Session5 quad, which one would you decide? In this prequel to my complete tuning concept video I present you make your FPV Drone as gentle as attainable whereas nonetheless having the cinematic energy of the Hero8 on board!

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From this Video:
TBS USB Type C Cable
Slightly Bigger Switchable BEC (Banggood)
X9D Special Edition Upgraded Gimbals Sticks and so on.. quick US Shipping
GoPro Mount Brain3d
Lightweight Al 7075 M3 screws

New Stuff I’m Using
Lunar Lander Packs –

Main 5 inch Drone:
Frame Apex
Lighter Apex Screw Kit
Best Lipo for the Price
Best Lipo Period
4s Lipo
Cut your personal Landing Pads
Sorbothane For Lipo Pad
Hero8 Mount
Hero 5/6/7/8 Camera Butter ND FILTERS
Session ND Filter
Jello Guard for Hero8 Mount
Smaller Capacitor I Use Now

All Drones use this STACK: (in all probability the most effective stack ever)
BRAIN 20×20 FC- (Unbelievably good)
AIKON 32bit 20×20 6s ESC (unpoppable)
Harness to Connect them simply 🙌
Unbelievably Versatile 20×20 RUSH 800mw VTX

Transmitter and ALL Upgrades
FPV Screen
Bigger Better Lipo
Stick Ends
Smoother gimbals
Crsf Module Lipo
Transmitter Stand

Most Convenient Antenna Setup EVER
RapidFire Module
TBS Syk Cable

TOOLS + Hardware + Charging stuff
TRANSTEC Lipo Checker (So Good)
Al 7075 Lightweight Screws
MUST HAVE Automatic Hex Driver
Washers for bracing TPU Mount
ETHIX SD Card Holder
My Main Charger-
24v Power Supply
Prop Tool –
Best Soldering Iron (Portable Too!)