Looking on the DJI FPV DRONE Mountain Surfing…

Looking on the DJI FPV DRONE Mountain Surfing…

Yea properly they maintain asking me to do these, and I do not know why.
But there was a extreme lack of flying recently and I did purchase this factor soooo.
I will not do the “here is the specs” and stuff, everybody is aware of that already.
I’m not kidding concerning the high quality although the video is crystal clear, and if it weren’t for the worth I might maintain it simply to scout issues out.
Radio: RadioGrasp TX16S Hall with TBS Crossfire https://bit.ly/3e40dww
Video: DJI FPV with VAS Cyclops V1 https://bit.ly/3gcpyWP
Recording: GoPro 8/9 Hero

Frame: iFlight TITAN Chimera7 LR 320mm https://bit.ly/2T287OD
Motor: iFlight Xing 2806.5 1300KV https://bit.ly/3dYFURc
Controller: SucceX F7 TwinG https://bit.ly/3g8ox29
ESC: SucceX 50A BLHeli_32 4in1 ESC
Reciver: TBS Crossfire nano divercity
Props: HQ 7x4x3 https://bit.ly/2ZmY1w4
Battery: 6s 5000mah / 6s2p 8000mah https://bit.ly/2ToQ99m
(21700-40T 4000mAh 30A Li-ION ) https://bit.ly/2zaNzNE

Frame: iFlight DC5 Titan https://bit.ly/2Ttf1Nl
Motor: iFlight Xing 2306 1700KV https://bit.ly/2AJncP2
Controller: SucceX F7 TwinG BT Flight https://bit.ly/2TrF5Za
ESC: SucceX 50A 2-6S 4-in-1 ESC Dshot1200 https://bit.ly/2Zn9tYq
Reciver: TBS Crossfire nano
Props: Nazgul 5140 propellers https://bit.ly/3e4h5mS
Battery: Rline Tattu 6s 1800 v3 /1300 https://bit.ly/2APmFv6

Mavic Air 2 https://bit.ly/3hjcO1t
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