FPV Drones and Their Propellers: A Comprehensive Guide

FPV (First Person View) drones have gained massive popularity in recent years, especially in the realm of aerial photography and videography. These drones are equipped with advanced technologies that enable users to capture stunning aerial footage and explore the skies in a whole new way.

One of the critical components of an FPV drone is its propellers. The propellers are responsible for lifting the drone off the ground and keeping it in the air. They also impact the drone’s speed, agility, and flight time.

In this article, we will delve into the specifics of FPV drone propellers, including their aerodynamic principles and how to choose the right propellers for your drone. We will also provide recommendations for propellers across different budgets and segments, along with links to their respective websites.

Aerodynamic Principles of FPV Drone Propellers

Propellers work based on the principles of aerodynamics. When the propeller blades rotate, they create a low-pressure zone that sucks the drone upwards, generating lift. The angle at which the blades are inclined determines how much air is pushed back, which in turn affects the drone’s speed and agility.

Another critical factor is the shape and profile of the blades. A thicker blade will provide more lift but can slow down the drone’s speed due to increased air resistance. On the other hand, a thinner blade may not generate enough lift, affecting the drone’s ability to fly in adverse conditions.

Choosing the Right Propellers for Your FPV Drone

When choosing propellers for your FPV drone, several factors come into play. The motor’s power and size are crucial considerations, as the propellers must be compatible with the motor’s output. Additionally, the drone’s purpose, such as speed, agility, or flight time, will also impact your propeller choice.

FPV Drones and Their Propellers: A Comprehensive Guide
FPV Drones and Their Propellers: A Comprehensive Guide

Budget Segment:

Here are some popular propeller options across different budgets and segments:

  1. Gemfan 5152
  2. HQProp 5×4.3×3
  3. DALPROP T5045C Cyclone
  4. Kingkong 5040

Mid-Range Segment:

  1. Gemfan 6042
  2. HQProp 5.1×4.6×3 V1S
  3. T-Motor T5143
  4. Azure Power 5140

High-End Segment:

  1. T-Motor T5147
  2. HQProp 5.1×7.1×3 V1S
  3. Gemfan Flash 5152
  4. DALPROP T7056C

All of the above propellers can be found on popular online stores such as Banggood, Amazon, and HorusRC.


FPV drone propellers are a critical component that can impact your drone’s performance. When choosing propellers, it’s essential to consider the motor’s power and size, the drone’s purpose, and the propeller’s aerodynamic principles. By taking these factors into account, you can select the right propellers that will maximize your drone’s performance and take your aerial photography and videography to the next level.

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