Month: August 2023

Vegas, Red Bull, and the Artistry of Johnny FPV

When you mention the names “Vegas,” “Red Bull,” “Formula 1,” and “Johnny FPV” within the same breath, your anticipations skyrocket, poised for an imminent explosion of visual magnificence. Brace yourself, because this concise video unequivocally exceeds every expectation. No realm of media possesses the uncanny ability to submerge a spectator into the pulsating core of […]

Bir yapay zeka quadcopter, drone yarışında insan şampiyonları yendi

Bugün İsviçre’deki araştırmacılar, dünyanın en iyi insan rakiplerine karşı bazılarını geride bırakabilen yapay zeka tarafından güçlendirilmiş küçük bir dronu tanıttılar.Yapay zeka beyniyle donatılmış bir quadcopter dronu, kapalı bir yarış pistinde birkaç saniye içinde dönüp dolaştı. Araştırmaya göre, 25 yarışın 15’ini kazanmayı başardı. Bu bulgular, bugün Nature dergisinde yayımlanan bir araştırmaya göre.Elia Kaufmann, bir drone şirketi […]

Norway FPV

What a staggering place Norway is. For our honeymoon myself and my partner took a road trip around the south west exploring fjords, mountains and glaciers and I’m grateful that I got to take the drones and fly through these breath taking places! Hope you enjoy watching even a tiny percentage of how much we […]

OVER & OUT – fpv freestyle

Absolutely psyching hard for this one ladz, after an juicy uncut line and bonkers bass heavy edit it was back to the Jacuzzi Jay’s bread and peanut butter – the 5 minute flowly lined, juice filled, gap gapping, stoke inducing, rip snorthing, flat bickying, blood pumping, froth frothing ensemble of fpv freestyle. Enjoy it ya […]

Back to the Grind!! / Fpv FreeStyle

Yes, the whole tittle of the video makes reference to only 2 seconds hehe. Well, and the fact that I hadn’t flown in more than one month when the making of this video… but couldn’t be happier to have some free time again I am trying to add some more juice and personality to my […]

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