OVER & OUT – fpv freestyle

OVER & OUT - fpv freestyle

Absolutely psyching hard for this one ladz, after an juicy uncut line and bonkers bass heavy edit it was back to the Jacuzzi Jay’s bread and peanut butter – the 5 minute flowly lined, juice filled, gap gapping, stoke inducing, rip snorthing, flat bickying, blood pumping, froth frothing ensemble of fpv freestyle.
Enjoy it ya dirty dawgggggsssssss

frame – secret xoxo
props – HQ Rad Berry 5.1×3.5×3
motors – t motor 2207 1950kv
battery – GNB 6s 1300HV / Dogcom SBANG SBANG 6s
esc – spedix gs45a
fc – fusion f405 (FLIES THIS GOOD ON AN F4)
rx/vtx – tbs sity9
cam – foxeer predator micro

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