Back to the Grind!! / Fpv FreeStyle

Back to the Grind!! / Fpv FreeStyle

Yes, the whole tittle of the video makes reference to only 2 seconds hehe. Well, and the fact that I hadn’t flown in more than one month when the making of this video… but couldn’t be happier to have some free time again

I am trying to add some more juice and personality to my freestyle lately, so let me know what you think!!


HD Cam: Session 5 + Insta Go 2
Frame: Antimatter Quark V2
Motors: Axisflying AF227 1960kv https://www.drone24hours.com/prodotto/axisflying-ae2207/?D24H=pabloflor0611
Stack: Flycolor Trinx 5 128K + Flycolor F7
FC: Rush Blade F722 Analog https://www.drone24hours.com/prodotto/rushfpv-rush-blade-f722-flight/?D24H=pabloflor0611
Props: Dalprop Nepal N2 https://www.drone24hours.com/prodotto/dalprop-nepal-n2/?D24H=pabloflor0611
Lipo: GNB 1300mah 6s HV
Rx: Radiomaster 2.4G ELRS EP1
Cam: Foxeer Predator V5 micro https://www.drone24hours.com/prodotto/foxeer-predator-5-micro-1000tvl-m12-17-mm-fpv-custodia-completa/?D24H=pabloflor0611
Vtx: Rush Tank Solo https://www.drone24hours.com/prodotto/rushfpv-rush-tank-solo-1w-5-8ghz-vtx/?D24H=pabloflor0611
Antenna: Rush fpv cherry MMCX https://www.drone24hours.com/prodotto/antenna-rushfpv-cherry-5-8ghz-mmcx/?D24H=pabloflor0611
Transmitter: Radiomaster TX16S AG01 ELRS https://www.drone24hours.com/prodotto/radiomaster-tx16s-mkii-2-4ghz-16ch-elrs-con-gimbal-ag01/?D24H=pabloflor0611
Googles: Orqa FPV One + rapidfire

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